It includes a VARAIN CARY 3Bio double beam uv-vis absorption spectrophotometer, for working with both, liquid and solid samples (diffuse reflectance and system for reading transparent films); an Edinburgh Instruments FL-900 luminescence spectrometer with single photon timing (SPT) detection (for luminescence kinetic measurements with emission lifetimes from 100 ms to 300 ps as the lower limit) by excitation with diode lasers; a HORIBA Fluoromax-4TCSPC steady-state spectrofluorometer, additionally supplied with a system for emission lifetime measurements by SPT under excitation with pulsed diode lasers (< 1 ns pulse width) of 370, 405, 463 and 630 nm, and LED pulsed sources of 340 and 450 nm; a fluorescence confocal microscopy system (Lumenera Infinity3-1UC refrigerated CCD color camera 1392 x 1040 pixel, 15 fps) and emission lifetime imaging (FLIM) with excitation by HORIBA DynaMic pulsed diodes and a kinetic spectrometer with Edinburgh Instruments LP-900 pulsed laser with a kinetic limit equivalent to a limit lifetime of the transient species of 2 ns equipped with a Nd-YAG laser source (able to provide excitation at 1064, 532, 355 and 266 nm), a 450 W pulsed xenon lamp (ms) for monitoring and analysis of non-luminescent transient species and a fast PMT detector with response extended to the red (190-800 nm).
Additionally, it has another detector PMT-NIR type (Hamamatsu) for monitoring transients that absorb or emit in the 700-1400 nm region. The confocal microscopy system and the HORIBA spectrofluorometer can be connected with a fiber optic adaptor for obtaining the emission spectra of the observed specimens.

The available accessories for all mentioned spectrometers include adaptors for measurements with fiber optics, cell holders for solid samples by diffuse reflectance, termostatization systems and meters for measuring the laser pulse energy. All systems are under computer control and connected to the net, allowing data acquisition, data analysis and data storage in the group server (LG). The laboratory has also a chamber for working with volatile samples and a laminar flow hood for working with biological samples that require sterile conditions (BSL-1).