Featuring spectrofluorometers and portable spectrometers for characterization and development of optical sensors . All teams can make measurements using cells ( liquid samples ) , stands for solid or optical fibers fitted with SMA connectors or other non-standard .

The instruments include two fluorometers desktop Perkin -Elmer LS- 50 and – SPEX Horiba Fluoromax II (the latter with photon counting detection and accessory microplate reader up to 384 wells) .

Also, the group has three portable spectrometers for measurements of absorption, reflectance or luminescence uv -vis – nir Guided Wave 260, OCEAN OPTICS Maya 2000 and proprietary construction with CCD detector ( LFA -1000 ) . It also has several modular portable luminometer OPTOSEN multichannel Ultrasen manufactured by the company Sistemas, SA (Torrejón de Ardoz , Madrid) , able to perform simultaneous measurements of luminescence with phase-sensitive detection (up to four samples ) , provided that the emission lifetimes are between ca . 0.1 and 20 us . OPTOSEN system uses a variety of light emitting diodes for the excitation and detector (PMT compact , photodiodes ) for maximum versatility .

All mentioned operating systems under the control of the respective computers ( desktops or laptops ) are interconnected on a local network and have Internet access through him UCM network .

We also have a complete modular system (electro) chemiluminescence and a portable instrument for measuring with Biosensors in microarray (array biosensor ) Hanson Leopard 2000.